What we Do

Individual Therapy

 The purpose of Individual Therapy is to meet and address your personal goals. 

At different times in life, we all need a safe, caring and confidential place to share our concerns and to problem solve.

Individual therapy provides a unique opportunity for dialogue specific to your life.  

Couple Therapy

 Couple Therapy involves  individuals in a committed relationship (LGBTQ* Inclusive) who are hoping to make a change in their relationship.

Couples often attend therapy to develop new communication skills or patterns, to work through a challenging time, or during times of transitions - such as starting a family, launching teenagers, relationship breakups, and retirement concerns. 

Family Therapy

 Family Therapy involves two or more family members who would like to be proactive in addressing issues that are holding them back from having the type of relationships they would prefer to have.

Family Therapy might include parents and adult children, siblings, parents and teens or any combination of family members.  

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